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Self-Compassion Circle Week 2

"Only by purposefully bringing attention to our inner experience can we move from trance toward healing." ~Tara Brach

Hello Wellness Enthusiast- The first Self-Compassion Meditation Circle last Saturday was lovely. I enjoyed connecting around a topic that resonates with many of us. In this Saturday's circle, I'll share Tara Brach's healing process gleaned from her recent full day retreat. She offers the practice of RAIN (Recognize, Allow, Investigate, and Nurture) which allows us to be with charged emotions associated with personal failures and shortcomings in a patient way. When struggling, we can nurture ourselves with loving presence by offering a gentle touch, kind words, or perhaps a hug. During the weekly Self-Compassion Circles, I'll offer a 12-15 minute guided meditation, followed by 15-20 minutes for a group share and Q&A. My intention is to create a rich and fulfilling experience for attendees so they feel part of a nourishing community.

With love & light,


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