You want to feel better. To respond better. To be better...

...In the daily interactions you have with your partner. In the challenging conversations with your kids. In the beautiful up and in the inevitable down moments of life.

And in the way you feel in your skin.

Instead of letting stress win, anxiety unravel you, or inner criticism send you into a tailspin, you want the real you-- that you that feels lighter + joyful-- to run the show.

No matter how stormy and chaotic a season of life may be, you want to feel beautiful, capable, and resilient. 

Here’s the cool part... you know you can be her because you used to be her. Over the years, the connection to her simply came undone.

You’ve tried to find your way back, and while you catch glimmers of her in certain moments-- that sweet sense of levity returning-- it drains away the moment “life happens.”

You’re here because you’re tired of trying solutions that don’t work long-term, that don’t fully bring you home to who you know you are and can be.

You want to get to the root-- the heart-- of why you are stuck in this cycle of reactivity, of stress, of telling yourself the same old story.

Oh, my dear. I see you. Welcome, and here’s what I want you to know...

You’re in the perfect place.

The heart-- the root-- of it all comes down to how you relate to yourself, your feelings, and your inner world. 

And it’s my specialty to help you transcend the limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck in a cycle of defeat so you can show up for yourself in a new way. 

My step-by-step transformative process integrates proven techniques to shift your mindset and limiting beliefs so you feel more optimistic and hopeful to achieve a life you love, filled with joy and meaning. 

And you’ll learn to achieve that inner and outer state of radiance, health, and resilience through the integration of real self-care. Not just bubble baths and walks in the park.

So, let’s change the narrative, remove the blocks, and journey back to you. 

Ready to return to your radiant self? Let’s get started!



Up until ten years ago, my daily routine consisted of harmful coping skills including overdosing on caffeine, sugar, and alcohol. 

Every. single. day. 

I was a hot mess and my inner and outer life reflected it. I suffered from brain fog, attention deficit disorder, exhaustion, crankiness, impatience. 

I never felt smart enough, thin enough, lovable (or loving) enough. And my daily success was based on how many items I crossed off my “to do” list. 

Later, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and was told to take Vioxx (a highly advertised anti-inflammatory drug). This didn’t sit well with me. 

After all, I’d learned that stress, poor food choices, lack of self-care, negative beliefs, and trauma were culprits of joint pain and brain fog. 

Rather than choosing medication, I started experimenting with slowing down, shifting my disempowering habits, and giving up on the impossible task of being everything to everyone! 

I noticed small shifts in how I felt but continued to sabotage myself. My deeply ingrained pattern of bailing when things got scary and uncomfortable ensued. 

When my mentor Paul called me out on it, I blamed him for not being skilled enough despite his forty-year tenure in the field of mind-body medicine. 

I looked outside of myself for validation that I was wise to stop working with Paul because it was a “waste of money that I didn’t have.” 

But, then… I woke up.

I discovered that self-compassion meditation actually works. And I saw firsthand how practicing mindfulness (present moment awareness of feelings, thoughts and sensations without judgement) consistently could change my brain. 

I took a deep dive into the science of neuroplasticity, the idea that the brain is malleable and can master new skills, then I learned firsthand that through consistent daily practices, I had the power to shift my mindset. It was shocking to discover that my thoughts are just thoughts - not the truth. 

I learned how to sit with the discomfort of challenging emotions, beliefs, and shortcomings without numbing, pushing away, and distracting myself with food, alcohol, spending, and sugar. 

I reconnected with my mentor, Paul - then began to show up for myself integrating kindness and patience which created space for me to welcome and feel everything that arose in my inner world without judgment.  

The more I practiced taking consistent baby steps without self-sabotage, these empowering habits — meditation, self-compassion, yoga, nourishing foods — the more  my stress, brain fog, belly aches, and joint pain dissipated. 

I discovered that I didn’t have to “do” endless tasks to feel worthy. I noticed that I stopped comparing myself to other wellness practitioners and simply listened to myself to guide me. I began eating what felt nourishing to me rather than following a rigid plan of restricting what I loved.  And, I no longer suffered from FOMO...the social media surfing stopped in it’s tracks. My husband even commented that I stopped trying to “fix” him and blame him for my mistakes. Also, my three daughters noticed that I was more present and listened to what they shared with me. Typically I was caught in the past of what I regretted and worried about the future of what might go wrong. Suddenly the family dynamic shifted and everyone felt more accepted, loved and understood. 

I felt aligned with myself like never before so I could more fully enjoy my relationships, time alone, and day-to-day life. 

Throughout this journey, I attended Food as Medicine Training, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Class, Internal Family Systems Training and a host of additional empowering programs. 

For nine years, I’ve been on this spiritual journey with my mentor Dr. Paul Epstein, a world-renowned naturopath, and mind-body professor. He is a true gift in my transformation and I am deeply grateful for our ongoing work!

Now, each day I show up and embrace life fully. I'm courageous and vulnerable, attuned to my innate wisdom, energy, and resilience. 

I still love my coffee, wine, and candy but I can enjoy them now in a much more mindful way. I fall down often, then get up and try again. 


Professional Deets

Jen Dorf is a Mindset & Wellness Coach who empowers women to transcend the limiting beliefs that keep them stuck in a cycle of putting everyone else first, so they show up calm, centered, and rooted in joy as they navigate home to their radiant self.  Through her unique coaching method, Jen shows her clients how to embody their power and ignite their inner goddess attitude - worthy of all of their desires at their core, so they enjoy a full, meaningful life. 

In addition to offering one-on-one and group sessions in her private practice, Jen runs the wellness initiative at The Apple Store in Greenwich, Connecticut. She spearheads meditation groups and monthly health challenges for the ninety employees. Jen also leads Lunch & Learns on various wellness topics for her colleagues.

Credentials & Education

  • Health Coaching Certification, Institute for Integrative Nutrition- New York City

  • Graduate of the acclaimed “Food as Medicine” training through the Center for Mind-Body Medicine 

  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Training Through the University of Massachusetts Medical Center 

  • Certified Meditation Teacher through Prana Yoga & Education 



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