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The heart-the root-of it all comes down to how you relate to yourself, your feelings, and

your inner world. 

And it's my specialty to help you reduce stress and transform the limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck in a cycle of defeat so you can show up for yourself in a new way. 

My step-by-step transformative process integrates proven techniques to change your relationship with food and your body so you feel more empowered to achieve a healthy life you love, filled with

joy and meaning. 

Any you'll learn to achieve that inner and outer state of radiance, health, and resilience through the integration of real self-care. Not just bubble baths and walks in the park.


So let's change the narrative, remove the blocks, and journey back to you. 

ABOUT: About


Up until thirteen years ago, my daily routine consisted of harmful coping skills including overdosing on caffeine, sugar, and alcohol.

Every. single. day. 

I was a hot mess and my inner and outer life reflected it. I suffered from anxiety, brain fog, attention deficit disorder, exhaustion, achy joints, digestive issues, and disordered eating. 

I never felt smart enough, thin enough, lovable (or loving) enough. And my daily progress was based on how many items I crossed off my “to do” list. 

Sound familiar?

I hit rock bottom. My joint pain was debilitating so I couldn't play tennis or work out any longer. And my stress was through the roof! Then, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and was told to take Vioxx (a highly advertised anti-inflammatory drug). This didn’t sit well with me. 

After all, I’d learned that stress, poor food choices, lack of self-care, and trauma were culprits of joint pain and brain fog. 

Rather than choosing medication, I started experimenting with healing food, slowing down, meditation, and shifting my disempowering habits. And giving up on the impossible task of being everything to everyone! 

With the support of my mentor Dr. Paul Epstein, and my weekly meditation group (20 remarkable women), I took baby steps to create new daily habits to prioritize my well-being which reduced stress. This entailed eating better, breathing better, and moving better. With consistent practice, I enhanced my happiness and health. It took a lot of patience, curiosity and self-compassion, and it has been worth it!  
Now, I'm committed to helping women overcome obstacles that get in the way of feeling their best. It doesn't matter where you are now and what your story is. No matter what, I'll be your greatest cheerleader and guide on your wellness journey. 

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Jen Dorf is a Certified Health & Wellness Coach who empowers women to prioritize themselves,  so they reduce stress to lead a healthy, more joyful life. Through her unique coaching method, Jen inspires her clients to enhance their well-being and create radiant health on their terms.


In addition to offering one-to-one and group sessions in her private practice, Jen runs the wellness initiative at The Apple Store in Greenwich, Connecticut. She spearheads meditation groups and monthly health challenges for the eighty employees. Jen also leads Lunch & Learns on various wellness topics for her colleagues.


Credentials & Education


  • Holistic Health Coaching Certification, Institute for Integrative Nutrition- New York City

  • Graduate of the acclaimed “Food as Medicine” training through the Center for Mind-Body Medicine 

  • Mindfulness Self-Compassion Teacher Training with Drs. Kristin Neff and Chris Germer

  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Training Through the University of Massachusetts Medical Center 

  • Certified Meditation Teacher through Prana Yoga & Education 

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