"I have always believed that I couldn't meditate because my mind is so busy. Jen's gentle approach shifted my understanding and now after only a few session, I have begun what I feel will become a lifelong, healthy habit. Jen teaches in such a kind, compassionate, non-judgmental way. Even the most skeptical person will benefit from her open heart and wisdom. I feel deeply grateful to Jen for starting me down this path and helping to guide my journey." JD

"I've been meditating on and off for almost two decades, at times for 30 minutes daily, but have been on a break from it for several years. It's something I knew for certain could help me get through craziness, but I have zero willpower and knew I needed structure and guidance. Jen provided both and I am now back on a routine of meditating every other morning. Jen's approach is gentle, sympathetic, intelligent and encouraging. She is the perfect voice to turn to right now." AO

"Stressed, anxious, feel like you are going in circles, and can't stick to one thing? Then I highly recommend Jen Dorf's Meditation and Mindfulness Training. Her program helped me focus on whatever needs to be done next, in a clear, calm manner. They gave me a "center" to my universe. Her sessions have helped me better direct my energies in fulfilling my goals." AC

"Life is a beautiful journey. A few years ago, I felt stuck on my journey, not able to move forward, backward or sideways. My journey was going in the same circle over and over and over.  I worked so hard, but never got off that circle.  Well, then I met Jen.  Having always been conscious of my health, I was desperate to lose those extra pounds that I had managed to gain each year.  I was introduced to the concept of coaching and I thought finally, I have someone to help me loose those pounds, but I gained so much more.  Here is what I learned in my beautiful time with Jen. Slow down, take a breath, take care of yourself, let go of the things I can't control, be honest, be aware.  Thank you Jen for putting me back on my path." 

~Amy Zolin, Greenwich

"By the end of our first session, I came away with some practical ideas of ways that I could change my lifestyle to help me regain my energy and decrease the stress in my life. But truly, there is so much more that I have learned in my sessions with Jen. Over the course of several weeks, Jen introduced me to many pertinent quotes and articles that heightened my awareness about eating and living a nourishing and mindful life.   Jen has an open ear, and has guided me in looking at my life holistically.  I've come to realize that if you're not happy in your life, your body feels it.  Jen is a thoughtful and nonjudgmental listener.  She has guided me in reaching a place of overall wellness and mindfulness so that I now experience more joy and fulfillment in my life."    

~Kathy Zaltas, Rye 

"Jen’s enthusiasm and knowledge about healthy living is contagious! She encourages us to reframe our view of food, to see it as pleasurable and nourishing, rather than categorically “bad” or “good.”  Jen, herself, is as nurturing as the foods she espouses.  She is clearly passionate about helping others, and does so with great warmth and humor."  

~Juliet Glinski, Psyd, Larchmont

"Jen is terrific!  She took the time to get to know each member of our family and what we were looking to get out of our time with her.  She then customized each session so that we got the most out of it.  She was fantastic with our kids and we all learned a lot. She helped us set reasonable goals that are making a difference, and we had fun along the way!"

~Bonnie Weinbach, Larchmont

"Thank you so much for the session on Wednesday. It was really informative and I’ve been thinking about it a lot since, which is always a good sign! I’ve been making sure I sit with the kids for their dinner and it’s been wonderful!! We’ve had some great conversations. They’ve also been doing a lot better with feeding themselves. I think it really was just a plea for my attention. We made pizza together for dinner last night which was fun too! Thanks again. I really appreciate you spreading your wisdom :) "

~Amy Sweeney, Larchmont

“I found Jen's daily emails to be chock full of inspiration and helpful ideas for us to stay on track. Her upbeat attitude and lack of judgement made the detox very doable. The workouts with Lori and Michelle were challenging and fun. I highly doubt I could have gone sugar-free for 10 days without your wonderful support and guidance. Thank you for the tips to help me sustain this practice"

~Ellen Silver, Mamaroneck 

"Jen has helped me learn how to make choices that provide nourishment and make me feel happy. This process is completely different than dieting, it isn't about not eating things, it is about becoming aware of what choices I WANT to make because those choices help me feel my best. This is an empowering thing. And, as a mom, I'm grateful to be able to pass on this awareness to my kids."

~Kath R., Mamaroneck

"Thank you Jen and Jamie for your support and inspiration.  The cleanse has been a valuable journey for me.  I'm grateful that you inspired me to engage in this restart. I feel better in the moment and empowered to make better choices in the future.  The food was delicious and plentiful which eased the undertaking.  My sense of mindfulness was definitely heightened. I recommend the cleanse for anyone interested in increasing their energy and creating more awareness around their eating habits.

~Jill R., New Rochelle 

“I have done a variety of cleanses and think the Jen Dorf Wellness/Green & Tonic is the best one yet.  Doing a group cleanse is very motivating and helpful. You get guidance and support from wonderful coaches (Jen & Jamie) on eating mindfully and being more aware of when and why you make your food choices. I also suggest doing the 5-day as it has a longer impact on your health.” The combination of juices and healthy meals makes it more manageable and you are more likely to stick with it.  The juices and foods are delicious – so you don’t feel deprived.  I highly recommend it for anyone needing to re-boot their system and focus on making healthier choices.

~Ruth Bradley, Larchmont 

"Jen Dorf is the perfect coach to lead a mindful eating group in a non-threatening approach to sharing thoughts and ideas about the struggles we encounter with life style changes and weight loss challenges. I have had the privilege of knowing her for years and feel she has found her 'calling'.  She is a good listener and a natural leader.  She is gentle, caring and respectful of each person's story and sensitive to the emotional part this plays for each of our weight loss and life style changes in our journey.  Jen is a wealth of wisdom, knowledge and experience. "

~Lucia Gold


"It was a terrific experience working with Jen over the past four months. Jen is a tremendous source of up-to-date nutritional information and personal inspiration.  I had been in a rut when it comes to feeling positive about preparing meals for my family, including my two children who seldom enjoy the same foods.  Jen helped me refocus my energy on preparing healthy, whole foods for myself and my entire family and introduced me to a range of new products--healthy oils, snacks, roasted seaweed, dried fruits, nuts and other organic items that I never realized would be delicious as well as highly energizing.  She also helped me fine-tune my exercise plan and focus on shorter yet more efficient workouts that boost my metabolism.  Best of all, Jen has a bright, positive, energizing attitude that is never judgmental or rigid.  She will help you define your goals and take specific steps to reach them, and follow-up with detailed information targeted to your own needs and desires."

~Lori Rotskoff