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Learn how sugar negatively impacts your hormones and overall health, where sugar lurks, how to read food labels. and detect sugar aliases. 

Say "Goodbye" to fatigue, crankiness and brain fog.  Say "Hello" to boundless energy, weight loss, deep sleep, focus and motivation. Allow your body to function optimally by removing sugar and healing your biochemistry.

The Following Items are Included in The Detox:

-One-2-One exercise and nutrition consultation 
-Daily emails with inspiring quotes and tips
-Recipes and Meal Plans
-Mindful eating videos and techniques
-Private Facebook community
-Group training sessions 
-Specific gym time available 
-Wrap up meeting

and lots of LOVE + COMMUNITY which is essential when creating change in your life. 

​Investment: Just $99


Welcome..I'm so glad that you are here.

If you are a perpetual dieter, exercise fanatic, perfectionist, stressed-out, busy, exhausted and committed parent, you have come to the right place. I can relate!

Up until about ten years ago, my daily routine consisted of drinking a pot of strong coffee before noon, followed by lots of candy (skittles and gummy anything were my faves) and a few glasses of wine each night, to "calm my nerves."

How did that work out for me? Not so well! I was a hot mess and my inner and outer life reflected it.

I was forgetful, late, exhausted, cranky, impatient, unfocused with severe discomfort in my joints. The perpetual smile on my face was not authentic.

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia by a well known Orthopedist and told to take Vioxx (the highly advertised anti-inflammatory drug). My curiosity was sparked and I began wondering... what alternative options did I have to medication?

I had heard that stress, poor food choices, lack of self-care, negative beliefs, and mindless living and eating were known to cause discomfort.

So I started slowing down, creating awareness around my patterns, and paid attention to how events affected me at a physical and emotional level. I also incorporated meditation into my daily routine! I was shocked to discover that the small shifts greatly affected how I related to others and to myself.

Throughout this journey I attended Food as Medicine Training, a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Class, Internal Family Systems Training. I also worked with a kinesiologist, acupuncturist, cellular biologist and
practiced self-compassion work while continuing to train with my mentor Dr. Paul Epstein, a world renown mind-body medicine professor. A true gift in my transformation, and I am deeply grateful to Paul.

Now, each day I show up and embrace life fully. I'm courageous and connected to my innate wisdom, energy and power (we all have it). I am not perfect, I fall down...but I am now in a unique position to help others.

​It is my pleasure to help others revive their internal energy and power, and live a vibrant, incredible life. If I did it, you can too.

​Show up for yourself! Take that courageous step to reach out and discover the best version of yourself.

With love and gratitude,


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5 Steps to help you find more pleasure, energy and nourishment 
in your day to day life. 

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What People are Saying About The Recent

Sugar Detox

“I found Jen's daily emails to be chock full of inspiration and helpful ideas for us to stay on track. Her upbeat attitude and lack of judgement made the detox very doable. The workouts with Lori and Michelle were challenging and fun. I highly doubt I could have gone sugar free for 10 days without your wonderful support and guidance. Thank you for the tips to help me sustain this practice"

~Ellen Silver 

​"Jen has helped me learn how to make choices that provide nourishment and make me feel happy. This process is completely different than dieting, it isn't about not eating things, it is about becoming aware of what choices I WANT to make because those choices help me feel my best. This is an empowering thing. And, as a mom, I'm grateful to be able to pass on this awareness to my kids."

​~Kath R.

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