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Riding The Waves of Cravings is Akin to Learning to Run

Hey Friends - 

I'm excited to share a personal anecdote about running that might resonate with you.

I've always wanted to be a runner but continuously made excuses for not doing it. I told myself that my legs weren't strong enough or that I couldn't breathe. I used to joke that I was the fastest at the 50-yard dash in middle school, but I couldn't even finish the mile run. That old story haunted me for decades! 

The truth is, I was afraid of running! I was scared of the discomfort, the feeling of being overheated and sweaty, and my heart racing. I thought it would be too hard and I would collapse.

But then, I realized recently (while running on a treadmill at Orange Theory Fitness) that the same happens when we experience cravings. We feel uncomfortable and want to eliminate them by trying to avoid the sensations, distract ourselves, or give in.


But the problem is that they don’t go away when we ignore them. They get bigger and stronger, and then we may get so overwhelmed we give up and overindulge. 

The key is to learn to ride the wave of a craving like a surfer rides a wave.

When you notice a craving, don't try to fight it or distract yourself. Just observe it. Notice where you feel it in your body. Label the sensations – pulsating, pressure, tingling, etc.

It typically becomes more intense, peaks, and then subsides. All told, it usually takes just about 60-90 seconds for a craving to pass. Yes, it will pass, and you can practice with an itch. Don't scratch it and notice that it will disappear within about a minute. 

The same is true for running or other new habits that we resist. It's scary when you first start something new out of your comfort zone. But when you focus your attention on the sensations in your body and take baby steps (one minute at a time), you'll feel safer so you can be present with the process. This method is how I learned to run, albeit rather slowly.

So, the next time you feel an intense craving, don't fight it. Notice where you feel it in your body, and label the pattern of sensations. Remember, it's temporary, and will pass with patience.

To feel more empowered around food and learn how to ride the wave of cravings, check out my video "Handling Cravings Mindfully" on my website.

With the holidays approaching, this techniques can help you pause and avoid overindulging, to savor your friends and family more!

To take a deeper dive on how to use my simple, transformative method of Riding The Waves of Cravings, to stress less during the holidays, join me for an interaction workshop at Orange Theory Fitness in Mamaroneck on Sun. 12/3 from 1-2pm. Sign Up Here! 

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