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Introducing The Sugar Experiment 31

"Choosing to eat foods that don't love you back repeatedly is like staying in a toxic relationship and wondering why you're still miserable. Choosing to not eat foods that don't love you back isn't restrictive, it's self-respect. "

~Dr. Will Cole

Hello Wellness Enthusiast- Happy Spring! I hope you feel a little more vibrant with the sunshine, longer days, and early blooms. I'm thrilled to share some exciting news! I have co-created a transformative 31-day program to help kick your sugar habit. The Sugar Experiment is a common-sense, drama-free solution to a severe problem! Let me back up twelve years, to when I completed my training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I saw that sugar was pervasive, so I created the Crunchy Carnival in 2010 - to help families understand the detriments of sugar overconsumption. I never imagined that our country would be struggling with this current obesity epidemic twelve years later. And at the core of the issue is that sugar, wrapped in a cloak of innocence, is everywhere. But there's good news - even if you've been addicted to sugar your whole life, studies show that limiting sugar and consuming a diet high in nutrient-dense foods, can lower your risk of heart disease by 31% and diabetes by 33%. Reversals and transformations happen quickly, in as little as three days, but you need to create habits to make changes stick! I see painful, emotional eating in both my private and corporate clientele, especially at Apple, in Greenwich, where I head up the Wellness Initiative for 70+ employees. Even more so now, the past two years during a time of stress and isolation. And it's wreaking havoc on our bodies and minds. I am deeply concerned! So when my dear friend and former client, Jean Marie Stein, told me that I held the key to creating the program to help her (and many others) kick their sugar habit, I embraced the idea with open arms. She was fed up with the detoxes that ended with a sales pitch - "Join us next year!"

The realization of our partnership is The Sugar Experiment, a transformative 31-day program to kick your sugar habit. It combines my nutrition and mindfulness expertise, my dedication to creating a non-judgemental space for people to show up for themselves, and Jean Marie’s experience in education and problem solving (NASA Engineer, Bond Trader, HS Math Teacher). Our program is steeped in science with tools to create a new mindset. It will reduce anxiety and self-judgment around your body and food choices.

We ran two international beta groups during the past six months, because the sugar situation is truly a global problem. The results floored us! Everybody is writing to say how empowered they feel. Their brain fog has lifted, their skin is glowing, and pounds are falling off.

  • "The Sugar Experiment has helped me to avoid emotional eating, and I am certainly better at questioning what my body needs rather than what my mind wants!" ~Clare, Australia

  • "I'm eating A LOT less sugar and am mindful and intentional when I do. I feel stronger every day, more confident, more energy, calmer, and more content." ~Julie, New York

  • "I'm down 20 pounds and never even went on a diet! I can't believe it" ~Claudia, Maryland

*During The Sugar Experiment, you'll eliminate almost 14 cups of added sugar, which is twice what we consumed ten years ago! The Sugar Experiment lays the foundation for building sustainable choices for a vibrant life, in a supported, safe space with like-minded participants worldwide. It runs from April 11 to May 11, with a prep week beginning April 4. During the 31 days, you'll receive daily educational and science-backed emails, weekly live zoom check-ins, coaching, and more. LEARN MORE HERE AND JOIN US FOR THE ADVENTURE as we launch This Radiant Life. The first step is revising your sugar story because when sugar's hold has been lifted, other transformative changes are more attainable. And please follow and engage with us on instagram.

With love & light,

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