Feeling unsettled or out of rhythm?

Finding that your usual exercise routine has suffered or your food choices are less than desirable? 

Maybe you are relying too heavily on that 5pm cocktail to take the edge off.

You may be feeling lethargic or anxious.


If so, you are not alone. This post Covid transitional period is daunting for many women.

Maybe you have tried diets or listened to wellness podcasts, but it just isn’t working for you.

You want to feel happy and capable of living your life fully.

You want to let go of the past year and reclaim your well-being, so you can start anew. 

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Having the tools to ride out the highs and lows allows you to be in the muck without getting swept away.

Tending to your own needs by setting boundaries allows you to make empowered choices that nourish your mind, body, and soul. When you put on your own oxygen mask first, you will feel vibrant and centered no matter how chaotic life may be. 

For the past twelves years, I have helped hundreds of women transform their lives with my unique approach. I’m excited to share my proven technique with you, so you no longer experience self-sabotage and doubt.

You will learn how to integrate daily self-care habits so you feel your best and achieve a life filled with joy and meaning.

The Pillars Consist Of:

  • Eating nourishing foods that work well with your bio-chemistry (no one size fits all formula), that support mood, longevity and reduce inflammation. 

  • Moving your body in a way that feels good to you. It can be slow, fast or in between - otherwise emotions get stuck and can negatively impact your health.  

  • Deep mindset work to understand what old, disempowering beliefs are keeping you stuck, then replacing them with new, empowering habits to transform your life.

  • Self-compassion, which is the overarching practice used to ease into a new way of showing up for yourself without judgement.

I’m so excited to share my unique approach, so you no longer experience self-sabotage and guilt. And, you’ll reignite your mojo! 


To jump in to your Summer of Self-Care - book your 15 minute complimentary discovery session HERE. Let’s chat and see if it feels like a fit - then we’ll dig in, and help you return home to your empowered self. 

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