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The Grass Is Always Greener On The Inside-45 Days To A Happier, More Peaceful You

"The degree to which we cannot deeply feel our body's interior is the degree to which we crave excessive external stimulation." ~Peter Levine

Hi Wellness Enthusiast-

As this challenging year comes to a close may you find moments of joy and peace during the Holiday Season. With so much disharmony in 2020, I'm committed to making 2021 a year filled with more happiness, clarity, fun, and unconditional support for my clients and community.

I'm thrilled to announce the launch of my new Mindfulness Program, The Grass Is Always Greener On The Inside-45 Days To A Happier, More Peaceful You.

Over the past decade, I have done a deep dive into the work of many pioneers in the health and wellness field (so you don't have to) and have practiced transformative strategies in my own life. During this time, I have also facilitated groups and coached hundreds of clients. Now, I am thrilled to share my insight with you.

My 45 day healing program includes topics such as Neuroplasticity, Mind-Body Healing, Food As Medicine, Epigenetics, Mindful Parenting, Self-Compassion, Shadow Work, Vulnerability (Bréne Brown), and Buddhism (basic tenets). We all have a unique journey. I can help you finally break through old programming so you can experience a miraculous life.

Even though I've been teaching and coaching hundreds of clients for over a decade, and have a regular mindfulness practice, I still sometimes get in my own way. Thankfully, I understand how sneaky the mind is and how to prevent limiting beliefs from sabotaging me.

Imagine being in a state of inner calm and happiness consistently - a vacation from your over-active mind. This is the magic of mindfulness/meditation! I am committed to helping you learn this scientifically supported process for enhanced well-being.

You cannot control what happens outside of yourself. You can however, control how you respond. It's easy to allow your conditioning and programming to run the show, so learning how to trust your own wisdom is a transformative process. The Grass Is Always Greener On The Inside explores the brilliance within, rather than the endless search outside yourself! You can then show up as the best version of yourself. For me, it has been non-negotiable in staying connected with my purpose and passion of coaching and teaching the healing benefits of mindfulness.

In my program, you will discover how your sneaky mind works. My step-by-step process will teach you how to integrate new daily habits so you will be more patient, kind, confident and focused. These tools will help you achieve a higher level of living. Anything is possible! Whether it is career, family, or health related, you can achieve it.

Do any of the following questions resonate with you?

*Are you overwhelmed by your "to do" list that never seems to get done? 

*Have you been searching for unconditional acceptance?

*Do you feel like you keep doing for others and there is no time or energy left for you?

*Do you keep getting triggered by the same person, friend, family member or colleague and promise yourself you’ll stop reacting with anger - though it never seems to work?

*Do you suffer from comparing yourself to everyone else assuming that the grass is greener on the other side?

*Do you question your parenting skills and worry that you may negatively impact your child/children?

*Do you wish you spoke more kindly to yourself and others?

*Do you research incessantly by taking classes, reading books and watching videos, though struggle to integrate these empowering tools into your busy life?

*Do you know the value of mindfulness and meditation because you once had a practice though sadly can’t make it happen again?

*Have you been to numerous doctors praying that they can help you sleep better, feel more energetic or heal your bodily aches and pains?        

*Are you eager to commit to a transformative program now with an accepting community of like-minded people who will support and motivate you to make meaningful change?

*Do you wish you had better coping mechanisms to manage the day-to-day challenges of work/life balance?                                                                                                                                

If you answer "YES" to any of these questions, click "TRANSFORM NOW"

The Grass Is Always Greener On The Inside-45 Days To A More Peaceful, Happier You: 

Jan. 15 - Feb. 28, Fridays 10-11am:

-Weekly group zoom session for 60 minutes where we'll explore traits and habits to achieve long-term inner peace. We'll meditate together and have a Q&A session to clarify how to integrate new habits into your daily routine, replacing limiting beliefs. 

-Two one-on-one sessions with me to address your specific needs. I'll help you stay laser focused on your daily habits so you can connect more deeply with your inner knowing and experience more peace and happiness.

-Unconditional support and accountability from a community of like-minded women who are on a similar path. This is an essential piece in transforming your life.

Embrace your inner landscape so you no longer feel compelled to search outside yourself. All of the answers lie within! Bring your courage, curiosity, and patience  along and we'll have fun exploring together. Join me on the exciting journey...The Grass Is Always Greener On The Inside. Now is Your Time For A Miraculous Life!

Stay heathy & safe! 

With love & gratitude,




"I have always believed that I couldn't meditate because my mind is so busy. Jen's gentle approach shifted my understanding and now after only a few session, I have begun what I feel will become a lifelong, healthy habit. Jen teaches in such a kind, compassionate, non-judgmental way. Even the most skeptical person will benefit from her open heart and wisdom. I feel deeply grateful to Jen for starting me down this path and helping to guide my journey." JN

"I've been meditating on and off for almost two decades, at times for 30 minutes daily., but have been on a break for it for several years. It's something I knew for certain could help me get through craziness, but I have zero willpower and knew I needed structure and guidance. Jen provided both and I am now back on a routine of meditating every other morning. Jen's approach is gentle, sympathetic, intelligent and encouraging. She is the perfect voice to turn to right now." AO

"Stressed, anxious, feel like you are going in circles, and can't stick to one thing? Then I highly recommend Jen Dorf's Meditation and Mindfulness Training. Her program helped me focus on whatever needs to be done next, in a clear, calm manner. They gave me a "center" to my universe. Her sessions have helped me better direct my energies in fulfilling my goals." AC

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