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Self-Compassion Meditation Circle Via Zoom

Hey Gorgeous- I'd love you to join me for my Self-Compassion Meditation Circle. The healing power of Self-Compassion transformed my life, so I'm thrilled to guide you in this remarkable process!

"I've always believed that I couldn't meditate because my mind is so busy. Jen's gentle approach shifted my understanding and now after only a few sessions, it feels like it can become a lifelong empowering habit. Jen teaches in such a kind, compassionate, non-judgmental way. Even the most skeptical person will benefit from her open heart and wisdom. I feel deeply grateful to Jen for starting me down this path and helping to guide my journey." Jennifer D.

"I've been meditating on and off for almost two decades, at times for 30 minutes daily, but have been on a break from it for several years. It's something I knew for certain could help me get through craziness, but I have zero willpower and knew I needed structure and guidance. Jen provided both and I am now back on a routine of meditating every other morning. Jen's approach is gentle, sympathetic, intelligent and encouraging. She is the perfect voice to turn to right now." Amy O​. "Stressed, anxious, feel like you are going in circles, and can't stick to one thing? Then I highly recommend Jen Dorf's Meditation and Mindfulness Circle. Her offering helped me focus in a clear, calm manner, and gave me a "center" to my universe. Jen's sessions have helped me better direct my energies in fulfilling my goals." Anne C.

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