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At the end of each sugar experiment, participants journal about their non-negotiables, the habits they would like to diligently incorporate into their daily routines to feel better. Returning to these journal entries is a valuable reminder of your commitments. What has stuck? What has slipped away? Are you ready to add to your toolbox of healthy habits?

Jean Marie - Before creating The Sugar Experiment 31, I had very few daily rules about my wellness choices. And because I was practicing willful ignorance, I got myself into a bit of trouble with my sugar intake. Today, I have a few non-negotiables that keep me feeling healthy, strong, and in charge of my eating. Here are a few habits I practice every day:

  • Always check labels before buying/eating

  • Take a probiotic when I wake up, with 20 oz of water

  • Never snack after dinner

  • Get outside every day

  • Prioritize sleep

  • Hydrate - drink 1/2 my weight in H2O every day!

  • 14 - 16 hour intermittent fasting daily (we haven’t talked about this yet - but expect an email update soon!)

  • Detox daily - even if it is just a skin brushing or shot of Apple Cider Vinegar

Jen - As an integrative health and wellness coach, my non-negotiables date back a decade and have transformed my life. TSE31 has helped me crystalize the most important daily habits to feel my best:

  • Enjoy 10-15 minutes of outdoor time first thing in the morning

  • Drink a large glass of water upon waking up

  • Meditate 10-20 minutes daily

  • Take daily supplements, including probiotic, omega-3s, vitamin D with K, and magnesium

  • Have date energy balls, dark chocolate & chia pudding available to enjoy when I want something sweet

  • Journal daily

Practicing our non-negotiables is as natural as remembering to brush our teeth twice a day! But…we want to feel EVEN better, so we are committing to adding new non-negotiables this fall! Jean Marie - The pandemic turned many of my routines upside down, and now I am ready to reclaim some old habits and establish new ones. This fall, I would like to:

  • Meditate 10 minutes each day

  • Sweat 20 minutes each day

  • Journal consistently- write one page per day

  • Prioritize friends - carve out time to connect

  • Keep a to-do list and always work on top items

  • Reinvigorate my Yoga practice - 3x per week

Jen - My routine shifted during my summer schedule so I feel sluggish. I look forward to returning to my rhythm to feel more balanced. This fall I will:

  • Enjoy yoga 2 more times per week

  • Sweat 20 minutes, 5 days per week

  • Walk with friends more often

  • Back to 10pm bedtime

  • Intermittent fasting 2 more days per week

  • Cook more meals in bulk on Sunday

We have heard from many of you that the habits you formed during The Sugar Experiment 31 are supporting a new, healthier lifestyle. We would love to know what non-negotiables have been incorporated into your routines. And, hear what new non-negotiables you would like to practice in the fall. Please drop us an email

We are on a mission to help humans kick their sugar habit and reclaim their well-being! We have two programs running this fall - September 12th and October 1st! If you want to reset after summer, please join us and enjoy this opportunity to take 50% off as a member of This Radiant Life 31!

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