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Join Me Tomorrow For A Virtual Mindful Eating Workshop

“Small, powerful practices build a capacity to be resilient—to have courage in the face of things that are difficult.” — Antoinette Klatzky

Hi Wellness Enthusiast- I hope you and your loved ones are healthy and well considering this daunting pandemic. My family and I are staying positive with plenty of sleep, sunshine, movement, healthy meals, and games. My three teenage daughters even got me jumping on the trampoline like the old days. It was such fun to giggle together! Quarantine days can get long and tenuous with new routines to adapt to. Gyms are closed, kids are home, offices are empty, and we miss connecting with those outside our homes. Self-care has become deeply challenging. Now more than ever, we need support to maintain our strength, focus, and well-being.  Prioritizing self-care matters so we can be resilient for ourselves and others. In addition to exercising, sleeping well, and eating well, following are a few tips to help you stay or get you back on track:  1. Create Five Minutes of Quiet Electronic-Free Time & Just Breathe: Create a peaceful space in your home that provides a sense of calm. Light a candle, breathe slowly, and connect with your body. Feel your feet on the floor, your bottom on the seat and settle in. Focus on your breath, one moment at a time. Let thoughts pass and simply return to the sensation and sound of your breathing. These times are daunting so it's imperative to make time to calm the nervous system through the power of the breath. Practice now while homebound then when back to usual routine, a new habit will be in place. See below for an excellent resource to get a meditation practice started. 2. Gratitude: Keep a Daily Gratitude Journal.  Joy is created from within, and gratitude plays a large role in fostering it. Studies in Positive Psychology show that you have the capacity to experience true bliss despite external conditions. You generate feelings that flood your body with feel-good hormones when you focus on the blessings in your life, increasing your happiness and positivity. This is especially crucial now during the coronavirus outbreak. Learn more via Caren Osten's virtual journalling class tomorrow at 2pm. Sign up here to enjoy her beautiful offering.  3. Practice Self-Compassion & Offer To The Universe: Guidelines are changing readily and so much is unknown about the coronavirus. Self-compassion is critical, especially during times of stress and uncertainty. When you notice fear creeping in, don't judge or criticize yourself. Practice saying kind and gentle thoughts internally or even out loud. Treat yourself as you would a dear friend or family member in distress. Then, send out love and compassion to others in your community and the entire world. We all need it! 4. Integrate Creativity Into Your Daily Life: Being creative helps us shift out of our worrisome mind and into our heart-the present  moment. Reconnect with an instrument you used to enjoy, pull out a canvas and paint, or take up knitting (just to name a few). Utilizing our senses in any creative project is key. Feeling the brush or knitting needles in our hand,  listening to the gentle sound created by an instrument, or observing something beautiful you've created is deeply healing. Enjoy being present. 5. Get Fresh Air (Safely): Getting outside daily is essential. Even if it's for twenty minutes to connect with nature. Listen to the birds, feel the breeze and sunshine on your skin, then let your mind relax.  6. Take Action: Taking positive actions can ease anxiety and worry. Reach out to an elderly neighbor or family member to simply check in. Write a kind message with chalk on your neighbor's driveway. Someone anonymously left us a chalk message that made us smile.  I'm excited to share several virtual resources (free and reduced prices-woohoo!) with you. These are essential in helping you prioritize you! Check them out below: 1.PELOTON: Three free months of classes without the bike or tread mill. Most of the instructors are fantastic, offering 10, 20 and 30 minute options. You don't need your own weights for many classes which is great. 2.BALANCE YOGA: The teachers are fantastic. Owner, Carolyn Frost has created a beautiful community offering many wellness workshops in addition to yoga. Several classes are free of charge. 3. TOVAMI YOGA: Owner, Tobi Kundid provides outstanding instructors. She offers many workshops in various healing modalities as well. 4. PAUSE TO BE PRESENT: Co-owners Cheryl Brause and Stephanie Falk have created an oasis of calm and connection. Their virtual meditation studio offers outstanding instructors with a small donation for classes. Cheryl is a dynamic expert in her field and you will find serenity in her presence! I'm honored to collaborate with Pause To Be Present for a 30-minute virtual mindful eating workshop tomorrow at noon. See details below:  VIRTUAL MINDFUL EATING WORKSHOP During this challenging time of uncertainty, many of us are overeating as a coping mechanism. Whether it’s due to boredom, stress or exhaustion, we inevitably feel more out of control. Learn how to stop the vicious cycle! Join me for a 30-minute workshop on how to break the mindless eating loop.  This new empowering habit will also improve your mood, immunity and sleeping patterns. Bring your lunch or a snack and join me to learn this new way to slow down and pay greater attention to how and what you eat.  SIGN UP HERE

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