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Hey There!
Welcome, I'm Jen.

I've been helping busy women over 50 enhance their health
and well-being for over 15
years. Let's get started today to
achieve your wellness 
goals and improve your vitality.

And we'll have fun doing it!





Private Coaching 
4-Week Program

Embark on a transformative four-week journey to unlock your vibrant self from within. Picture a dedicated ally, equipped with 15 years of wellness expertise, guiding you through challenges and propelling you towards joy. In our weekly sessions, we dive deep into your desires, barriers, and self-discovery, reshaping your narrative for a thriving mind, body, and spirit. Let's redefine your story, beliefs, and habits, crafting a lifestyle that empowers you to embrace each day at your best.


for Couples & Individuals

Discover the transformative power self-compassion sessions. Embrace self-compassion as you're guiding light through challenges, replacing self-criticism with kindness and warmth. Uncover a research-backed truth: self-kindness fuels true happiness, surpassing the limits of self-judgment. Join me to reshape your journey towards greater well-being.

Feeling Inspired?

Schedule a 20-Minute
Discovery Call

I'll learn a little about you and share my coaching method. Then, we'll see if it feels like the right fit for each other. 

In addition to being a passionate Certified Holistic Health & Wellness Coach,

I'm a mother of three remarkable daughters, wife, yogi, and nature lover.


As someone who had struggled with food, body image and feeling overwhelmed all

the time, I have since developed sustainable tools to share with you to get started

on a path toward a healthier, happier lifestyle.


I'm here to tell you that you can enjoy food, feel at ease in your body, and learn how

to nourish yourself form the inside out — and I'd be honored to guide you on the 



My unique methodology is designed to teach and support busy, women 50 and

beyond in reclaiming their well-being by focusing on stress reduction, nutrition,

exercise, enhanced sleep, and a dose of self-compassion.

I've helped hundreds of women transform their well-being over the past fifteen years

Are you ready to step out of overwhelm, enjoy food without deprivation and lead a happier, balanced lifestyle? 

In just four weeks of private coaching, you'll experience 

some of these remarkable benefits:


Improved sleep

​Reduced stress

Fewer cravings

Peace with your body

Enhanced ene

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