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Enhance your team's cognitive, physical

and emotional well-being.


I offer engaging workshops to inspire your colleagues to develop sustainable habits, leading to a more productive, connected, fulfilling, and happier environment

If you are interested in lunch and learns, a healthy, nourishing meal can be served while your team enjoys the workshops.

Following are some of the topics that I offer:

  • Meditation to Improve Focus and Productivity 

  • Clean Eating 101 for Improved Energy

  • The 31 Day Sugar Buster Challenge 

  • Why Sleep Matters for Enhanced Effectiveness

  • Manage Daily Stressors with Mindfulness 

  • Improve Your Heart Health Through Mindful Eating

  • Mindfulness for Teachers

  • The Importance of the Family Meal and How to Make it Happen 

  • The Empowering Messages of Cravings

  • Overcoming Stress Eating

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