Prioritize your employees' & colleagues' cognitive, physical and spiritual well-being. Jen offers sustainable tools to help your team members become healthier, more productive, connected, & courageous. 

Following are some of the topics that Jen can offer to your organization:

  • Meditate to Improve Focus and Productivity 

  • Increase your Stamina and Focus by Creating Simple Rituals

  • Clean Eating 101 for Improved Cognition

  • Sugar Experiment & The Truth Behind A Label

  • Why Sleep Matters for enhanced effectiveness

  • Manage Daily Stressors With Clean Eating 

  • Clean Eating on a Budget

  • Improve Your Heart Health Through Mindful Eating

  • Mindfulness for Teachers

  • The Importance of the Family Meal and How to Make it Happen 

  • Tuning Into What Cravings Really Mean ​

  • The Benefits of Mindful Eating



Sugar Experiment

Discover How Sugar Is Disguised By Many Different Names to Deceive You. You'll Be Shocked To Learn How Much Sugar Lurks in Some Of Your Favorite Everyday Items Such As Yogurt and Tomato Sauce. They May Even Have As Much Sugar As A Donut!

The Truth Behind A Label

Uncover The Truth About How Scientists in White Lab Coats Create The Perfect Concoction of Fat, Sugar & Salt to Make Processed Food Addictive. They Even Create The Ideal Crunch Decibel To Make Food Highly Palatable and Irresistible.

Bring Jen on as a Guest Speaker

Whether It's Television, Radio Or A Live Event, Jen Will Connect Deeply With Your Audience and Offer Simple Tools To Create a Healthier, More Meaningful Life.



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