Receive the Nourishment Wisdom Kit: 5 Steps to help you find

more pleasure, calm and nourishment in your day-to-day life. 

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What is Self-Compassion?

Self-compassion involves treating ourselves kindly, like we would a good friend we cared about. Rather than continually judging and evaluating ourselves, self-compassion involves generating kindness toward ourselves as imperfect human beings. We can learn tools to help us respond in a kind, compassionate way whenever we are experiencing painful emotions. We all want to avoid pain, but letting it in — and responding compassionately to our own imperfections without harsh self-condemnation — are essential steps toward living happier, more fulfilling lives.

Dr. Kristin Neff, professor and researcher in self-compassion has compelling data that supports practicing self-compassion which can transform our lives. She has created a website called that offers free guided meditations and outstanding resources to help you start and maintain this profound daily practice. 

In all of my group workshops and one-on-one coaching, I integrate self-compassion work as I have found it to be transformative in my own life and know if can help my clients enjoy a more peaceful, fulfilling life. 

Check out Dr. Neff's guided meditations here. I recommend you begin with the five minute self-compassion break. From there, you can go deeper though best to start with a short practice.  


Receive the Nourishment Wisdom Kit: 5 Steps to help 
you find more pleasure, calm and nourishment in your 
day-to-day life. 

4 Week Self-Compassion Group:

(starting TBD)

This course is based upon the brillliant work of Dr. Kristin Neff, researcher and professor of Self-Compassion.  Self-compassion offers deeper pleasure, patience and kindness to others and most importantly to ourselves. We have the capacity to transform our daily lives and how we relate to our children, spouses, friends and others.

Also, you may shift your relationship with food. You stop berating yourself for making choices that you would have preferred not to make. You begin to offer comfort and support to yourself the way you would a dear friend.  

 Join me on this exciting journey and imagine being better prepared to enjoy and savor the holidays with your family this year. Really!

Nourishing snacks with recipes will be provided along with handouts, guided meditations and exercises to inspire your self-compassion practice.

Day and Time: Wednesdays from 12:30-2pm
Dates: TBD
Investment: $195
Location: Mamaroneck, NY