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One-on-One Coaching With Jen

"When we let our inner wisdom guide us and we trust ourselves,

the universe works in miraculous ways providing just what we need, when we need it"

~Jen Dorf


​We're an ideal match if:

~You are overstressed, undernourished and know there is a more empowering and fulfilling way to live your life.

~You take care of everyone else first, then feel depleted when it comes to tending to your own needs.

~You have forgotten what gets you jazzed and that you still have a creative soul waiting to flourish.

~You are open to creating a more compassionate, loving self.

~You are ready for the love, support and guidance of a coach so that you become the person you want to become and
live your best life now.


Here's What to Expect When Working Working With Me:

~Tons of support to help you transform your life by nourishing your mind, body and spirit

~Help accessing your truth to guide you on the journey of healing

~Guidance in achieving better self-care and deeper self-love so that you feel radiant

~Help in gaining a sense of purpose by identifying your gifts waiting to be offered to the world

~Support in finding the courage to create healthier boundaries so you find more joy in your relationships

~Guidance in eating mindfully to reduce poor digestion and change your relationship with food

You have my personal commitment to your health and success

If this sounds like something that interests you, let's chat. I would love to introduce you to my coaching so let's schedule a Clarity Session