4 Week Self-Compassion Group (starting 10/25/17)
This course is based upon the brillliant work of Dr. Kristin Neff, researcher and professor of Self-Compassion.  Self-compassion offers deeper pleasure, patience and kindness to others and most importantly to ourselves. We have the capacity to transform our daily lives and how we relate to our children, spouses, friends and others.

Also, you may shift your relationship with food. You stop berating yourself for making choices that you would have preferred not to make. You begin to offer comfort and support to yourself the way you would a dear friend.  

 Join me on this exciting journey and imagine being better prepared to enjoy and savor the holidays with your family this year. Really!

Nourishing snacks with recipes will be provided along with handouts, guided meditations and exercises to inspire your self-compassion practice.

Day and Time:
Wednesdays from 12:30-2pm
10/25, 11/1, 11/8 & 11/15 
Investment: $195
Location: Mamaroneck, NY


5/10 Day Group or Private Sugar Detox with One2One BodyScapes

Dates TBA

Learn how sugar negatively impacts your hormones and overall health, where sugar lurks, how to read food labels. and detect sugar aliases. 

Say "Goodbye" to fatigue, crankiness and brain fog.  Say "Hello" to boundless energy, weight loss, deep sleep, focus and motivation. Allow your body to function optimally by removing sugar and healing your biochemistry.

You will learn ways of bringing deeper awareness to how you eat and move your body. By noticing what triggers you to reach for sugar, you will learn to eat with intention in a less reactive way so you change your relationships with food. This process is quite remarkable! 

You can do it! Commit just five or ten days and your body and mind will be grateful. 

The following items are Included in the detox:
-One-2-One exercise and nutrition consultation 
-Daily emails with inspiring quotes and tips
-Recipes and Meal Plans
-Mindful eating videos and techniques
-Private Facebook community
-Group training sessions 
-Specific gym time available 
-Wrap up meeting

and lots of LOVE + COMMUNITY which is essential when creating change in your life. 

Group Investment: $99/$199

Private Detox: $289 
Location: One2One BodyScapes, Mamaroneck

If interested click here 

Create a Sacred Space Around the Table For the Family to Connect & Be Heard:

Learn how to create meal time connections with the family and find pleasure in the process. Do you feel overwhelmed by the thought of getting a meal on the table while juggling numerous activities with the kids, and having various food preferences?  Have you fantasized about enjoying a meal together as a family around the dining room table rather than at the counter or in the car?  Can you imagine the entire family sharing the mealtime duties so you can all enjoy one another with no distractions?  Kids yearn for the family meal and studies show that there is a lower incidence of eating disorders and alcohol/drug abuse, improved academics and family connections when families dine together on a regular basis.  Many of us have never learned how to make this happen! I will share simple and fun tips to connect with your kids at meal time finding pleasure in the process.  Quick and easy recipes to satisfy the selective eaters, and age appropriate duties will have the entire family engaged at mealtime happy to participate in the process.  You and your family will be present and enjoy each other more than ever. 

Investment: $225

Kids R' Cooking:
Calling all Chefs! Get messy while cultivating curiosity in the kitchen. Budding chefs will get hands-on experience preparing healthy and delicious food they’ll love. Picky eaters will even enjoy their concoctions with zeal! Let your child release their inner chef! Kids learn to engage in the kitchen in a fun and creative way where their taste buds will be tantalized with breakfast, lunch and unique snack ideas. Your chef may even start packing his/her own lunch with these new exciting ideas. Students will learn hygiene, safety skills and proper mealtime etiquette.

Food allergies will be accommodated. Recipes provided. 

Investment: $225