5/10 Day Group or Private Sugar Detox with One2One BodyScapes

Dates TBA

Learn how sugar negatively impacts your hormones and overall health, where sugar lurks, how to read food labels. and detect sugar aliases. 

Say "Goodbye" to fatigue, crankiness and brain fog.  Say "Hello" to boundless energy, weight loss, deep sleep, focus and motivation. Allow your body to function optimally by removing sugar and healing your biochemistry.

You will learn ways of bringing deeper awareness to how you eat and move your body. By noticing what triggers you to reach for sugar, you will learn to eat with intention in a less reactive way so you change your relationships with food. This process is quite remarkable! 

You can do it! Commit just five or ten days and your body and mind will be grateful. 

The following items are Included in the detox:
-One-2-One exercise and nutrition consultation 
-Daily emails with inspiring quotes and tips
-Recipes and Meal Plans
-Mindful eating videos and techniques
-Private Facebook community
-Group training sessions 
-Specific gym time available 
-Wrap up meeting

and lots of LOVE + COMMUNITY which is essential when creating change in your life. 

Group Investment: $99/$199

Private Detox: $289 

Location: One2One BodyScapes, Mamaroneck

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Mind Body Nourishment Group with Lunch -

Each Month we Review a Film or Book based on Health and Self-Care Topics  

Four Session Program

Day and Time: The First Wednesday of the Month from 12:30-2pm

Dates TBA

Join us on a journey of creating inner calm, joy and greater fulfillment in your daily life. You'll learn how to slow down, prioritize your health and take steps to improving your well-being. You'll create your own meaning of optimal health which incorporates listening to the guidance of your inner wisdom. You'll overcome obstacles and beliefs that hold you back from achieving the healthy, loving, fun and joyful lifestyle you desire and deserve.

Investment: $195

Location: Mamaroneck, NY

Space is limited